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You might have been operating in the field of insulation for many years already and maybe even with a similar product. However; we have been able to further develope our EnveriFoam in such a way that a lot of issues with regular foam have been tackled.

We would like you to reconsider foam and choose EnveriFoam (XD); our new and improved high quality foam of the future with a unique way of foaming up,  great ease of application and its long shelf life.

As a supplier/producer since 1984 of raw materials for UF based resins and foams we are very interested in having a conversation with your management regarding the possibilities of using our recently improved raw materials, dedicated to the insulation market. We can also deliver the required equipment and gear for actual insulation.

Our current website is only available in Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian but an English version will be available soon.
www.enveriline.com, www.enveriline.nl, enveriline.es  and www.enveriline.no

Till recently all materials used (by origin from the “ glue" industry) appeared not to last for a very long time, hence the various issues raised in the past. We are happy to inform you that these issues have been tackled with our concept. 
EnveriFoam XD is a KOMO Attest => https://www.komo.nl/over-komo/english/.

KOMO is a member of the UEAtc: Union Européenne pour l’Agrément de Technique dans la Construction (European Union of Agreement for technical approval in construction).

NEN 1068:2012/C1:2014 nl
NEN 2778:2015 nl
NEN 2690:1991/A2:2008 nl

We would like to take the opportunity to send you some samples (please contact us if you would like to receive them) and would appreciate it if you would consider a win-win relationship in which we can join forces and we can become your supplier of these base materials.

Interested? Please contact us! Thank you so much for your time we look forward to hearing from you.

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